009 Technical Parameters of Tactile Switch (A)

The tactile switch, also known as tact switch, light touch switch, or tactile button switch and tact push switch and so on, is one of the most widely used electrical components in the electronics industry. Its technical parameters include the dimension, the pins, the actuator height, travel, the rating, the max current, the max voltage, operating life, operating force, operating temperature range, insulation resistance, contact resistance, and so on. This paper will focus on the dimension, terminals and actuator height. The introduction of other parameters will be published in succession.
07 SMD series
A. The dimension
In general, the specification of the tactile switch, which we usually said, refers to the length and width of the appearance of the button switch body. The common size is from 1.6mm to 12mm. The common specification is 1.6×2.6mm, 2.0×3.0mm, 2.6×3.0mm, 4.0×4.0mm, 5.2×5.2mm, 6.0×6.0mm, 7.4×7.4mm, 7.8×7.8mm, 10.0×10.0mm, 12.0×12.0mm, and so on.
04 Soft feel series

B. The terminals
The terminals of tact switch are generally 2 pins, 3 pins, 4 pins, 5 pins and 6 pins. And the four terminals are widely used. In fact, the two terminals have get the function of switching current. Other terminals are used for soldering between the tact switches and PCBs, grounding or connecting LED lights, etc.
05 Right angle & bracket series

C. The Actuator Height
The actuator height of the tactile button switch is from 0.55mm to 25mm. The lowest actuator length of the topical low profile type tactile switch, that was used widely, is only 0.55mm. And the highest actuator height is a 12×12 mm tactile push switch, and its actuator height can reach 25mm.
Each tactle button switch has different actuator height. Some tactile switches have only one or two handle heights to choose from. And some tactile switch, other manufactures called it button switch, push switch, or tact switch and so on, have more than 20 height options, such as the

Actuator Height

In short, there are many parameters for the tactile switch, which we will explain in another article.

Post time: Apr-23-2022