006 Reclassification of All Tactile Switch

Last week in order to meet the requirements of the international market, all the tactile switches were reclassified through joint work in the production department, R&D department and marketing department.

The new tactile switch classification is divided into eight categories according to the tact switch structure principle and the application of light touch switch. There are the low profile series, the common model series, the waterproof series, the soft feel type series, the right angle & bracket series, the illuminated series, the SMD series and the other series. The details are as follows.

1. The Low Profile Series refers to the ultra small tactile switch with external specifications less than 3mm, as shown in the following pictures.

01 Low profile series

2, The Common Model Series refers to the low cost push button switch that have been widely used, as shown in the picture below.

02 Common type series

3. The Waterproof Series refers to the tact switch with waterproof and dustproof functions, and the protection level reaches IP65 or above, as shown in the following pictures.

03 Waterproof series

4. The Soft Feel Type Series refers to the button switch with soft feel touch and quiet sound. In general, the button of tact switch is made of silicone, as shown in the following pictures.

04 Soft feel series

5. The Right Angle & Bracket Series. They are two series. The right angel series refers to the drive direction and the installation direction of the vertical tactile switch. The bracket series refers to the push button switch with the installation bracket meet the special installation button switch. See the following pictures.

05 Right angle & bracket series

6. The Illuminated Series refers to the light touch tactile switch with LED indicator light. Normally, there are many colors to choose from. As shown in the following pictures.

06 Illuminated series

7. The SMD Series refers to the surface mounted device (SMD) type tactile button switch, as shown in the following pictures.

07 SMD series

8. The Other Series refers to some special use and functions of the tactile switch, such as multi-function switch and so on.

Post time: Mar-28-2022