011 How does the tactile switch work (B)

This article will continue to introduce the working principle of the touch switch.
Generally speaking, the opening and closing of the tactile switch is achieved by the change of the force of the metal dome. When used, press the switch button, the metal dome is deformed by external force and contacts the contact terminal downward, making the two groups of terminals of the switch phase conduction, thus making the circuit conduction When the external force is withdrawn, the deformation of the metal dome is restored to its original state, and the two terminals of the tactile switch are no longer on, and the circuit is disconnected.
Circuit Diagra,
We take the classic 12x12mm touch switch as an example, as shown in the following figure. When we press down on the actuator stem, the actuator stem will press to the metal dome, and the metal dome will be deformed by force and become flat from the curved surface, so as to connect the contact terminal under the metal dome, and the circuit is on.
Constuction Diagram
It can be seen that the metal dome plays a very important role in the accessories of the light touch switch. It is usually made of stainless steel. It has different curvatures, thicknesses and diameters, giving it different critical forces. It is also known as the operating force of the button tactile switch, generally identified as 100gf, 160gf, 200gf, 250GF, 300gf and so on.

With the development of manufacturing technology, there are some special purpose light touch switches. Instead of metal dome, they use conductive rubber, which has a very large conductive resistance and is suitable for some special product applications.

TIANDU TECH. tact switch, smallest footprint and thickness, make it widely used in a variety of fields, especially for compact and low profile products, including wearable technology, such as smart watches, wearable computer, technical clothing, intelligent glasses, and telecommunication, such as mobile phone, portofoon, helmeted
radio speaker-phone, in-ear headphones, smart earbuds and so on.

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