008 Classification of Tactile Switches

Normally, tactile switches are broadly divided into three groups according to the mounting method, four groups according to the driving direction and mounting direction, and two groups according to the type of feel, or two groups according to the working principle. 

First, as for the mounting methods, there are three types: surface mount, snap-in and radial. “SMD” is short for “surface mount device,” is sometimes used for surface mount typs. Their design makes them suited to attachment by reflow soldering. The design greatly improves the production efficiency. Snap-in types have kinked terminals. Also knowns as “bulk types,” they are affixed by insertion in the PC board. So some manufacturers called it “through hole types”. Our tactile switch lineup also includes the redial types, compatible with mounting by machine.

Next, regarding the types of the working principles, there are two types, which is the normally open types (NO) and normally closed types (NC). The normally open tact switch refers to the non-working state, the circuit is disconnected, only drive the switch button, the circuit will be connected. And the normally closed tactile switch do the opposite. In the general, the circuit is connected, when press the actuator of the button switch, the circuit will be disconnected instantly. 

Thirdly, as for the types of control feel, there are sharp touch feel and soft touch feel. As we mentioned in the product details, the two types are the sharp feel type, which uses a metal dome, and the soft feel type, employing a rubber dome. A characteristic of sharp feel types is the distinct click sensation created by the metal contact.

In addition, there some special tactile switches, such as membrane tact switches, bracket tact switch, quite tactile switches, waterproof tactile switches, and so on.

There so many types of the tactile switches. And designers will choose different types according to their needs.

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Post time: Apr-11-2022