004 A New Series of Tactile Switch will be Launched

In order to meet the demand of the international market, Tiandu Tech. recently launched a series of tactile switches, which is mainly the soft feel type tactile switch. There are 15 models of tactile switch in this series, including SMD type, through hole type, radial type and right angle type, soft feel of button type, and Membrane type. The classification is described as follows.

1. SMD type series tactile switches with soft feel actuators are available in multiple actuator heights, single or rod-less. Examples of this series of light touch switch are shown below.

T6-6262ES M1
T6-626225S M1
T6-626225US m1

2.The ultra-miniature surface mount (SMD) tactile switch, with ultra-sensitive response and strong feedback, is favored by many designers of micro-intelligent devices.

T6-1626S M1
T6-2630AS M1
T6-3040GS M1
T6-2030S A1

3. Ridal type tactile swtich with waterproof and dustproof, it is the preferred design for fully automatic soldering and wet and harsh environment.

T6-8080AD M1

Tiandu Tech., as a professional manufacturer of tactile switches and button switches, has nearly 200 types of push button switches and tact switches, which can be suitable for all the design requirements of product designers.

Tiandu tactile switches are the preferred interface solution for many applications, including industrial, automotive, consumer, medical, sever & telecom, POS & M2M, aerospace & defense, transportation, etc. such as cell phones, headsets, remote controls, wearable electronics, hearing aids, health diagnostics, and many other personal care devices, home appliances, home office devices, home entertainment systems, and so on.

Recently, Tiandu Tech. will introduce more tactile switches in succession, including sealed waterproof and dustproof switches, extra-long operating life of the membrane tact button switches, ultra-miniature tact switches, soft feel tactile switch with silicone rubber button and light touch switches with bracket, etc.

For more details, please visit our website www.cmtddz.com and www.tidu-tech.com and click the product display and button switches column to learn the detailed parameters and specifications.

Post time: Mar-09-2022