029 How To connect The Four Pins Of Tactile Switch

How To connect The Four Pins Of Tactile Switch

The working principle of a tactile switch is similar to that of an ordinary push button switch. It is composed of normally open contacts and normally closed contacts. In the light touch switch of the four-pin button, the function of the normally open contact is that when the pressure is applied to the normally open contact, the circuit will be connected; When this pressure is withdrawn, the original normally closed contact is restored, which is called the break. The pressure force is the action of opening and closing the button with our hands.

T6-6060HD H6 800X800The 4 pin tactile switch cannot lock itself in the process of use, but as long as the user presses down once, the signal of the switch will change once. As for how to connect the four pins of the tact switch, this is very important knowledge for electricians, which is as follows:

1. Adjust the multimeter to the diode;

2. First measure any two pins of the four pins to determine which two pin are conductive and which two pins are disconnected;

3. Press the button, and then measure any two pins, and then judge which two pins are conductive, which two pins are disconnected;

4. The key press the two pin of the conduction can be used as two welding pins.

Circuit diagram


Above is a circuit diagram of a 4 pins tact switch.

It should be noted that the working principle of the button switch is that the two terminals are close to each other when the button is pressed down, that is, the conductive; When released, the terminal detaches, that is, disconnects.

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Post time: Jan-11-2023