028 Tactile Switch Application

Tactile Switch Application

1. The role of the tactile switch.

Tactile switch is also known as tact switch or light touch button switch. It composed of high precision electronic components, its material is some special production materials, and then according to the design scheme staff’s repeated design scheme and repeated trials, can indeed reach the role of people feel, in order to carry out a large number of manufacturing, so the production of the tact switch, is a very complicated whole process.

With the progress of modern science and technology, many fully automated equipment has been applied to the production of touch switch. The quality of the touch switch is becoming more and more stable. Costs are getting lower and applications are getting wider.

The picture below shows the touch switch production equipment and workshop of Tiandu Tech.

Factory views 02

2. The application of touch switch.

Touch switch is widely used in People’s Daily life. The most basic light touch switch for medical machinery, the light touch switch for intelligent machine physics, and the light touch switch used in many white household appliances. The touch switch is installed on a printed circuit board with a complex design, and is equipped with a variety of colors of switch caps, people gently touch its button, can achieve different functions. So, the touch of a switch also seems very magical.

Factory views 03

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Post time: Dec-22-2022