025 The Principle of Waterproof Touch Switch

The Principle of Waterproof Touch Switch

The principle of waterproof  tactile switch is a switch that can be immersed in water or rain and will not fail. The general level of waterproof touch switch is IP67, that is to say, it can completely protect the dust in the air. It can be in the position of about 1M under normal temperature and will not be damaged for 30 minutes.
T6-6060BS A3

The more high-end products, the more ingenious in the design of the waterproof tact button switch. In detail, we can see the difference between high-end products and ordinary products. Good design can successfully complete the use effect and reasonably save materials and space, and the high level reflects the ingenious idea and technology. The structural design of the waterproof tactile switch can highlight the reasonable integration of humanization and mechanization, which can be regarded as a successful design. Structure design is the core of waterproof light touch switch, and it is also the most important thing that people pay attention to. Now the production process continues to innovate, technical techniques have been continuously improved, people’s choice range has become more and more broad.

For an electronic engineer, it is far from enough to understand the principle of the touch switch, and it is inevitable to weld it. There are some matters that must be paid attention to in the welding process: First of all, if the load is applied on the terminal, the different conditions may cause loosening and deterioration of electrical characteristics; Secondly, when using the through hole printed circuit board, the influence of thermal stress will change, so it is necessary to fully confirm the welding conditions in advance; Finally, when the secondary welding of the touch switch is carried out, continuous heating may cause its external deformation, terminal loosening and unstable performance, so it is necessary to wait until the primary welding part is restored to normal before welding.

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