024 Principle of light touch switch

Principle of light touch switch

The tactile switch, also known as button switch, light touch switch, push button switch and sensitivity switch, is the same as ordinary switches and can control whether a certain function is available or not through the on-off of the internal circuit of the switch. However, it is different from ordinary switches. For ordinary switches, press the switch to open and then press the switch to close. When the switch is pressed down, the circuit is connected to complete a specified function. After the switch is released, the circuit is no longer connected.
The tactile switch is mainly composed of cover plate, buttons, five parts, shrapnel, pedestal, pin when the button by external pressure, the pressure to promptly and make shrapnel tiny deformation occurs, for the four feet touch switch, two tiny deformation of the shell makes four pin connected to two, which makes the circuit conduction function complete regulation; When the pressure of the button disappears, the small deformation caused by the shrapnel is restored, and the connection between the four pins of the touch switch is disconnected, making the circuit disconnected.
For an electronic engineer, it is far from enough to understand the principle of the touch switch, and it is inevitable to weld it. There are some matters that must be paid attention to in the welding process: First of all, if the load is applied on the terminal, the different conditions may cause loosening and deterioration of electrical characteristics; Secondly, when using the through hole printed circuit board, the influence of thermal stress will change, so it is necessary to fully confirm the welding conditions in advance; Finally, when the secondary welding of the touch switch is carried out, continuous heating may cause its external deformation, terminal loosening and unstable performance, so it is necessary to wait until the primary welding part is restored to normal before welding.

Post time: Jun-19-2022