7.4×7.4mm 4 terminal sealed push button switch

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Model Number T6-7474D momentary push button switch, is top actuated sealed tactile switch with 4 cambered terminals and round buttons and excellent waterproof and dustproof performance. A variety actuator height and operating force options are available. It is also a sharp feel tactile switch.

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    Cambered Termimals to Ensure Self retention

    As the following drawing shows, the button switch is made up plunger, spacer, sealed rubber, contact dome, fixed contact, cambered terminals, base and cover. Four pin terminals with curved shape, are made of phosphor bronze, they will inserted into the positioning and welding holes on the PCB during soldering. This bending structure and flexibility guarantees the stability of the soldering process.


    Employing the Process Sealed

    Heat riveting process sealed, make this tactile switch has excellent waterproof and dustproof performance (equivalent to IP67). And because it prevents the invasion of water and dust, it also has a longer operating life of 500000 cycles.

    Four Actuator Heights

    There are four actuator height of 4.2mm,5.2mm,6.9mm and 10.0mm to choose from.


    Circuit Characteristics

    The circuits of this waterproof button switch are SPST and normally open type, which is the most common circuit structure.

    Tech. Specifications


    Top push Snap-in type


    50mA 12V DC



    Operating Temperature

    -20oC - +70oC

    Life Time

    100,000 Cycles

    Initial Contact Resistance

    500 mΩ Max

    Operating Force

    130gf, 160gf, 300gf


    RoHs, Reach

    Protect Structure

    IP67 Equivalent

    Insulation Resistance

    100MΩ min 100V DC 1min

    Explanation of Part Number (How to Order)


    For example, Model Number T6-7474D-4.2-10, the switch specification are the followings. The product name is tactile button switch, The size is 7.4x7.4mm. The features is top push ans snip in type. And the actuator height is 4.2mm. The operating force is 100gf.

    Packing Specification

    Tape & Reel packing will be adopted. The packing details are as follows.
    ● In reels of 2000 pieces for actuator height 3.5mm.
    ● External diameter of reel 330mm
    ● The inner thickness of reel 13.5mm
    ● Export packing 1 carton 20000 pieces
    ● Export package measurements 345x345x205mm
    ● For reels of 380mm diameter, please inquire.


    Recommended Reflow Sodering Conditions

    The temperature profile is available for surface mount type.
    ● Soldering temperature: 350oC max
    ● Duration of soldering: 3s max
    ● Capacity of soldering iron: 60W max
    ● The datasheet of embossed Carrier tape is shown below.
    ● Please confirm the specification or our product for the detailed condition.
    ● Soldering conditions differ depending on reflow soldering machine.


    (Soldering Temperature Profile)


    (Embossed Carrier Tape)


    TIANDU TECH. tact switch, smallest footprint and thickness, make it widely used in a variety of fields, especially for compact and low profile products, including:
    ● Wearable Technology, such as smart watches, wearable computer, technical clothing, intelligent glasses, etc;
    ● Telecommunication, such as mobile phone, portofoon, helmeted radio speaker-phone, in-ear headphones, smart earbuds, etc.
    ● Computer Peripherals, such as mouse, the tablet, LCD screen, scanner, Multi function printer,
    ● Consumer Electronics, such as ultra thin TV set, electronic toy, game consoles, cameras, massage chairs, hearing aids, etc.
    ● Instrumentation, such as electronic scales, robots, drones, electronic doors, alarms, automatic control equipment, etc.
    ● Medical Equipment, such as sphygmomanometers, electronic thermometers, ultrasound diagnostic devices, etc.
    ● vehicle equipment, such as car navigation, car protection device, vehicle mounted positioning device, etc;


    Wearable Electronics




    Computer Peripherals


    Consumer Electronics




    Medical Equipment

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